Plot / Apartment Selection

How to select a Plot or Apartment?

Check the ground water source and type of soil

Do not buy a property very near to Sewage canal, Burial ground, Wine shops, Drainages.

Check the property whether it is under Road, Railways or Airport expansion projects.

Also do not buy a property which has high tension towers.

Do not buy a property under litigation, mortgage or any other legal disputes.

Buy a property near to schools, college’s, shopping malls, hospitals, banks, temple, bus stand, railway station or any government office’s.

Check whether the layout has been approved by CMDA /DTCP.

Check the U.D.S and car parking facility carefully before buying the apartment. This should reflect in the documents also.

Do not buy a flat which is more than 20 yrs old as banks don’t approve loans.

Buyer has to check whether the land is nanjai (wet land) or punjai (dry land). The difference between the two depends on whether they are connected by an irrigation channel or not. Wet lands or Nanjai lands are meant to be specifically conserved for agriculture. The Nanjai land can be used for constructing buildings, residential layout etc by obtaining a No objection certificate (NOC) from the tahsildar or collector's office. A final decision on reclassification would be taken by DTCP and CMDA for the approval. A dry land (Punjai) is best for any layouts or township projects after getting appropriate approvals.


An 'A' register is a government record of the land held at the VAO's office (Village Administrative Officer) that contains all the survey numbers and its subdivisions with the classification of the land and its extent in acres or hectares, and details of the property such as its classification, tax assessment, owner's name etc. It is mandatory to check the A-Register (available in V.A.O. Office) before buying any property. Some of the pertinent details are

Classification - Specifies if the land is a nanjai, punjai or a manavari. This essentially says if the land is a wet or dry land and how it can be irrigated through canals (nanjai) or rain (punjai).

Area specifics - Specifies the area of the land in hectares.

Owner information - This describes the property owner's name and it should match the name on the sale deed. It also describes whether the property is owned by the government (e.g. road, acquired land etc.) or not.

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