Plot / Apartment Selection

What are the Documents that needs to be checked before buying a plot ?

  • Sale Deed: Check if the sale deed is in the name of the seller and he has the full right to sell it. Insist upon looking at the original and not just a photocopy.
  • Patta, Chitta adangal and all Parent Documents.
  • Encumbrance Certificate: This document can be procured from the sub-registrar's office where the deed is registered.
  • Plan & Layout: Check whether the layout has been approved by CMDA / DTCP and sanctioned by local bodies.
  • Property tax receipts & bills: This is to ensure whether any tax dues are pending on the land.
  • Release Certificate: Many property owners take bank loan by pledging their property. Ensure that entire amount has been paid before buying the property. Bank will issue a “Release certificate” if there is no pending.
  • FMB Sketch: It is mandatory to measure the land before buying any property and this sketch is a scale drawing of the survey numbers involved.
  • NRI Owner (Optional): An NRI can sell his property in India only when he gives Power of Attorney to a person for selling the property on behalf of him. The most important thing is to ensure the Power of Attorney is witnessed and is duly signed by an officer of the Indian Embassy. The Power of Attorney signed by a notary public has no legal support.
  • Power of attorney: If the property is sold by power agent ,ensure that owner who gives power is alive at the time of registration. Also the power should not have been revoked at the time of registration.
  • Guideline Value: This is the value fixed by government for that particular locality and buyer has to register his property by paying the stamp duty. It can be checked in the sub registrar office or value.asp
Note :
  • Check all legal documents with a lawyer before buying any property.
  • Patta is issued only for lands and not for individual apartments.
  • Always check the A-Register available in VAO office before buying any property.
  • All details furnished here are related to Tamilnadu only and are subjected to change based on government norms.
  • All the information given above is only advisory and not liable for any legal commitment.
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