Basic Concepts

What is Carpet Area?

Carpet Area is the effective area available for use within an apartment, excluding the area occupied by the walls. It is measured from wall to wall within the apartment.

What is Built-up Area / Plinth Area?

Built-up area / Plinth Area are the entire area occupied by the apartment, including the area occupied by the internal and external walls of the apartment. Usually it is 10% to 20% more than the Carpet Area.

What is Super Built-up Area?

Super Built-up Area is the Built-up Area plus the proportional share of the common areas like corridors, lift wells, staircase, community halls, security/servant quarters, etc.


Undivided Share is the part of the land which is associated to an individual apartment and registered in the name of the apartment's owner. This share of land has no specific boundaries within the total extent of the land on which the apartment is built. Each and every flat in the apartment complex will have an associated UDS. The sum of all the UDS will be equal to the total land area of the apartment.

UDS = Individual Apartment's super built-up area
Sum of all Apartments' super built-up area
x Total Land Area

If the total plot size is one ground (2400sq.ft.) and there are four apartments of different sizes, say 700 sqft, 800 sqft, 900 sqft and 1000 sqft, then the UDS of each apartment would be.

UDS 1 = 700
(700 + 800 + 900 + 1000)
x 2400
UDS 1 = (700 / 3400) x 2400 = 494.117 sqft
UDS 2 = (800 / 3400) x 2400 = 564.705 sqft
UDS 3 = (900 / 3400) x 2400 = 635.294 sqft
UDS 4 = (1000 / 3400) x 2400 = 705.882 sqft
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