Materials Specification

1. Plywood

BWP - Boiling Water Proof

BWR - Boiling Water Resistance

Brands Used

Century, Greenply, Kitply, Archidply etc.,

2. Engineered Wood

MDF - Medium Density Fibre Board

HDF - High Density Fibre Board

HD - HMR High Density Fibre high moisture resistant

3. Solid Wood

Hardwood - Mahogany ,Oak ,Maple ,Cherry ,Birch

Softwood - Pine ,Sal ,Redwood ,Red Cedar

4. Particle board

5. Block board

Shutter Finishes

A. Acrylic

Acrylic is a highquality synthetic nontoxic plastic material. Two of the most important features of an acrylic kitchen are polished texture and a varnish finish. An acrylic cabinet door is made up of either wood or MDF and then covered with acrylic sheets at the end to get the chosen colour and texture. When it comes to the acrylic kitchen, you get a variety of colours and textures to choose from. Due to their high gloss and reflective nature, acrylic kitchens are the modern age kitchens. They can easily be cleaned and wiped off and are thus, highly recommended in the market.

Acrylic Materials
Acrylic Materials

B. PVC - Membrane

Pvc Foil -Glossy ,matte Finishes

For Both Traditional & Modern

Cheaper Than Acrylics

Comes With Grooves

Can Be On Both Mdf & Hdf

PVC - Membrane

C. Laminates


D. Poly-Urethane (Paint )


E. Veneers


F. Lacquered Glass Or Mirror Finish